Star Wars Travel Guide Proposal

Long, long ago… In a galaxy far, far away…


Courtesy of DarkSideoftheForce

One of the biggest film franchises in history was born, Star Wars. Now, with seven movies, Star Wars has taken us across the galaxy. Fans have visited 51 planets across the galaxy through the films, worlds that seemed to go far beyond what they ever thought possible and expanded their imagination. Now, those fans can visit them in real life.

With this Star Wars Travel Guide, fans of the movies will be able to visit the planets first hand. Star Wars was shot at locations all across the world, so why not explore the earth and a few other galaxies at once?

Did you know that part of the original Star Wars Saga was filmed in the U.S.A? Or did you know that the castle where Padme and Anakin got married is also where some parts of the

James Bond movies were filmed? Find out more about the Star Wars universe than you ever thought possible. Go on your own galactic adventure across the world as we visit the shot locations of Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, Naboo, and much more. Run through the forest where Han Solo escaped storm troopers only to be taken hostage by the Ewoks. We might even find some sand dunes and try to escape the Sand People.

We’ll go to Disney and check out their new Star Wars park extension, which is filled with old characters and new. We will explore glaciers, castles, parks, forests, and deserts alike in search of droids and pod racing. Above all, we will definitely pick the best place to have a light saber duel. Embark on your own galactic adventure, and let this Star Wars travel guide help you find your way.


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